When someone asks me why do we need Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I ask them this question: Have you ever gone to grocery shopping at a “Super Store”? So here you are standing at the entrance, you have “a list” with you but you don’t know where to start with, where do you look for what you want? You notice different sections, all looking more or less the same; but wait there are some “signboards” hanging over every section! There you go, you got to the “landing aisle”, now what? You see a huge rack with all sorts of brands, you came here to buy “Bathing soap” but you don’t know which one is the best. So in all certainty, you will pick the “Branded Soap” which is in front of you, you will just compare one or two brands within your arms’ reach. Will you ever try to reach for the soap that is kept at the top of the rack, or somewhere at the back? No!!! Like most of the buyers you will NOT. So how did our “Branded Soap” get there in the first row? Simple he paid the “Retailer” to place it there.

services-web-developmentSo when your prospective customer comes to a search engine: the Super Store, with the intent of checking or buying a product: the list, he will punch in his idea of that product: the signboards. So when he does that, just imagine he doesn’t find your product on the first page: the first row, of the first rack of the landing aisle; you are back there in the second row or somewhere beyond the limits of human eyes. Well let’s not even talk what will happen then, let’s see how can you place your product at the perfect spot? Simple, hire a SEO expert, he is the “Retailer” you pay and he makes sure that every time someone looks for something similar to your product, be it a car rental service or a supplier for your business , you are there on the first page of the search results.

Other SEO factors and how do they benefit?

  • Buying Lifecycle: Business decisions (for B2B engagements) have a big cycle time; the stakeholders perform deep and iterative research before they zero down on a supplier. These researches are linked to various needs or requirements or keywords. A player consistently found on all such occasions, not only captures the “top of mind recall” but also creates a favourable impression. It’s vital for the organisation to provide all the required information for every phase of the decision making process and consistently be there at every search result. A SEO expert will always take care of this vital part.
  • Retaining the Traffic & Content Management: In most of the B2C or in some B2B searches, it is observed that Search engines suggest a site, which contains the key word but has no context to the actual search at all. If you are repeatedly showing up in any and every search, then there are chances that you will be the “Spam Site”. So it is highly critical to maintain a Content that is useful to the customer and can retain the traffic to the website. Clear, succinct and credible content across every stage of the website is what will decide ultimate success.
  • Website Atmospherics: Your website needs to be “Proactive” and present a Conducive Atmosphere, perfect for the shopping of “Your product”. Understand that the customer may have gone to other sites as well. Search. Engine Optimization is how he found the website in the first place, but how to make sure that he bookmarks your site and doesn’t go back to Google. The answer is Website Atmospheric- it thinks about the customer’s profile, his mood, need and frame of mind. You website should make it easy for him to search, present valuable content and compel him to Click the “Pay now “ button. Using the website’s traffic stats it is easy to form a user profile to comprehend who is using the website and where they are coming from: in short build the perfect atmospherics of your website.
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