Online presence brings plethora of benefits, however it comes with one unique challenge to businesses and individuals. This challenge is to deal with few bad reviews that can completely negate the good about you, putting your reputation you have built over years in danger.Bad reviews can come from various quarters – Employees, Customers/Clients, Vendors, News Media etc. These bad publicity can be a major harm to your organization especially on the search engine listings.

Webowizard can help you in this regard by relegating bad publicity listings on search engines, especially out of the first page of search engine listings. This is done by ranking properties of your organization that are positive on reviews ahead of the negative ones. We can help move those listings out of the public's eye so you and your business can move on. A growing business is always vulnerable to its reputation downturns from its competitors. If you are facing search engine based reputation problems, Webowizard can help you.

Reputation problems might prop up anytime from various individuals or organizations. For example, a CSR of your company could have publicly bad mouthed a customer or could have not provided a good enough service that has gone viral. Or it could be from completely unexpected event that took place year ago, but could still be haunting your brand causing you to lose business.

Webowizard helps companies with bad reputation on the search engine space to mitigate terrible effects loss of business. Webowizard offers both Reactive and Proactive Reputation Management services.

Reactive Reputation Management

In this approach, Webowizard majorly focuses on pushing down third party online properties with bad reviews by enhancing the rankings of the business owned properties that have good reviews

Proactive Reputation Management

In this approach, Webowizard helps business to insulate itself against possible future negative online properties from popping up on the search engine.