For business that sells products and services online and for one that whats to build its brand online, Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to create targeted traffic to one’s website. Search engines are the primary source of navigation for most internet users.

Around 80-90% of the buyers search on Google and other search engines before making a purchase. These numbers are only expected to increase. The audience that type in the keyword phrases on the search engines are 60% clients already, as they are looking for products/ services and other information by themselves unlike any other form of Online or Social media ads which are pushed before the relevant audience. Therefore, a sound SEO strategy is the best pull marketing strategy.

Building a strong presence online is a lasting asset while it improves brand awareness leading to increase in targeted leads for products/services and information offered by your company with minimal acquisition cost.

Webowizard’s holistic Search Engine Optimization solution is majorly aimed at

Assisting websites gain competitive edge in search engine rankings

Gathering valuable data from Website Audits and gain insights for course corrections

Building evolved Content Management Strategies

Through rigorous audits evaluating competition, to determine SEO strategy – Keyword, Competition analyses etc engaging visitors to ensure your website outperforms them in every way

Enhancing traffic and their conversions in the course of ongoing conversion optimization