Webowizard offers comprehensive website audits to your website(s) to evaluate their performance online. Webowizard provides extensive audit reports generated by analyzing the data gathered from the audits. An audit report is a marks card for your website that would greatly assist us to work constantly on the deficiencies, to make your website reach its full potential performance levels.

Why Audit your Website?

Website audit provides you with insight into strategic ideas and new graphic

For better understanding of components that are preventing website reach its potential performance

Audit provides you with insights into the website’s traffic ranking, search engine percentages and bounce rates

It helps you create new online marketing strategies that will result into traffic to your website

Traffic report within website audit shows where the traffic to your website is originating from and which keywords are being to promote your site

It also provides insights into the websites providing referrals

A complete audit of website offers you a feedback on some links or troubles with the links of your website

Broken links are validated; making sure your website is free of present broken links that may hamper your site’s functioning

Through website audit, download and response time are reviewed

Character checking is also assessed as incorrect input of a page may hamper your website’s indexing by search engines

Website audit is also vital in checking file size of your website since large files or images of pages might increase your download times