10 most critical SEO mistakes – Never do them again

SEO is the online jewel of the millennium. Different organizations have witnessed its importance and prowess. However, only

SEO is the online jewel of the millennium. Different organizations have witnessed its importance and prowess. However, only the right kind of site optimization brings out desired results. How does one go about getting SEO in tip-top shape? The first step is to know the importance of SEO and the most common mistakes in order to avoid them.


Why SEO is important?

SEO is a marketing and branding tool for companies and institutions. SEO makes sites more user-friendly and improves a site’s rankings in the search engines. As such, one of the best SEO tips is that it should be both search-engine-friendly and user-friendly.

SEO’s importance is seen in the acquisition of traffic for a site. People tend to trust search engines, hence they often view sites that appear on the first page, more-so the top 5 sites on the page. Quality SEO will improve a site’s rankings and in turn gain more traffic for it. Quality SEO also means that the site will be efficiently navigable hence gaining the site loyal viewership.

In the internal aspect, SEO helps big websites operate adequately. It creates a common framework from where content is first analyzed before being published for public viewing. No more slip-ups.

Here are some trivial SEO mistakes that most website owners do

SEO has evolved and it will continue evolving for as long as is necessary. Some of the most common SEO mistakes arise from failing to keep up with current trends such as the use of back links and creation of responsive designs.

→  Using the wrong keywords is tragic. Identify the most commonly searched keywords and use them     appropriately in your content.

→ Poor meta descriptions put off viewers despite the ranking. Create a captivating meta description since it is your first sales pitch.

→ Content entails the actual information given and its presentation. Information should be detailed enough and easy on the eye to accommodate all types of users.

→ Engine oriented SEO satisfies one side of the equation and leaves out the human aspect. Think like a human and create a site for humans, to be used by search engines.

→ Keyword stuffing entails using a keyword too many times. Find alternative keywords and use them appropriately across your content. In this way, you target different users that input different searches.

→ Lack of analytics means that you get stuck with the same keywords for too long hence no progress is witnessed. Using an analytics package helps in tracking keyword phrases and comparing them against each other to see the one with the best results.

→ Inconsistent publishing of content leads to one getting many viewers at once, but losing their loyalty due to irregular publishing. Have a regular publishing pattern to attract and keep users.

→ Lack of internal linking increases the bounce rate since users do not spend a lot of time on your site. Link pages appropriately and use solid descriptions of the linked pages, instead of the usual ‘click here’ anchor text.

→ A slow loading site means that no one will stay on your site long enough to view the content. This high bounce rate reduces rankings. This is fixed by a professional who knows their way through site bits and bytes.

SEO works effectively only when done correctly. These easily avoidable SEO errors are a good way to start improving the ranking and traffic of your site.

If you are reading this, then you must notice that there are only 9 SEO mistakes that has been explained above. Oops!

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