Many renowned organizations have adopted content marketing as an important strategy in their marketing mix. With the increased usage of mobile phones and other digital media, the strategy has been quite ubiquitous for the organizations to employ. By using the digital media, businesses are able to generate leads and earn long-standing value for their businesses. On the other hand customers are now empowered with information and are raring not to be sold. The article is about where content marketing in 2015 stands, its benefits and strategies for effective implementation.



This is how content marketing in 2015 poses

  1. Customer focused approach

2015 will start a new era in content marketing. Big brands will be focusing on the interests of people. Basing on the interests and choices of people, the big brands will post contents. The sloganeering for the new born baby will probably be right person and right content with timely delivery.

  1. Content compliance

This year is going to be more about content compliance and governance. The measure of content marketing success in the previous years was all about the scale of content posting. There will no place for wrong contents. The two industries namely finance and insurance are going to comply with content governance.

  1. Content marketing being the top notch revenue generator

Content marketing has driven businesses in the path of success. This time it will be used as the main source of revenue generation. Through content marketing businesses will be able to achieve growth and with time they will add up new strategies.

Since most of the prospects of a business prefer content marketing, this proves to be the engine for increased number of leads. There are many other benefits of content marketing to follow.

  1. Content marketing is cheaper than online advertising

Content marketing is the best way to attract visitors to your website. In case of paid online advertising, you may have to pay all the profits which you earn through advertising. You can save whole lot of money that you would have spent on paid advertising campaigns throughout the web. You can save around 62 percent of your money which you would have spent on online advertising.

  1. Lead generator

As per statistics released by various firms, content marketing tend to raise 55 percent more leads than that of other forms of marketing strategies. Same content can generate more leads from time to time. It is hard to generate leads using the same online advertising technique. In other words you can refer that contents live on forever.

  1. More content can generate more benefits

The more the number of pages in your website, the more is the number of leads you can generate for your website. You are adding contents to your website mean you are constantly updating your website. By following the process you are going to gain the authority.

  1. The notable growth of content marketing 

Content marketing is growing day by day. 2015 is going to be a stupendous year for it. Relying on the strategy can benefit you in multiple ways.

New challenges create new opportunities. When you know the challenges ahead, you should employ content marketing strategy to overcome the challenges. Here are the strategies.

  1. Invite guest bloggers

The more is the number of guest bloggers in your website, the more is the value of your website. The trend is alive and kicking. It is time for you to earn the value.

  1. User-focus and diversification

Do not focus on the search engine crawlers rather focus on the users while writing and posting contents. Basing on the interest of users you can create content. You can achieve your purpose when you post relevant content. Relevant contents link properly with your potential customers.

There are various forms of content marketing. It may start with blogs but it can go up to making slides, video publishing and many more. You can go for setting a high budget for implementing the strategies.

  1. Sync your personal brand well with your business

You can always promote your personal brand through content marketing. This is the change in definition of content marketing. Earlier it used to be your business that you tend to promote through content marketing. Now it is the time to go in sync with both.

There is no doubt that content marketing is going to witness a boom in 2015. It matters a lot how to understand the strategies to implement them for deriving better results.

Conversion rates are the rates at which your prospects take actions the way you want. The concerned organization can track the number of prospects who fill out the form given in the website. Adding to that the organization can take record of the number of calls and purchases done by the prospective customers from the website. The website owner can also track the number of calls being converted in to proposals. At the end as a website owner, you can track the number of proposals that you win. This article gives a number of ways to improve your website conversion rate.

Basically you can take two routes to increase your conversion rates. One of the two is online and the second one is offline route.

Search engine optimization

Conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization go hand in hand. When you tend to focus on a particular niche, you pave the way for better conversion. You can do the same by putting better headlines, animation, pictures with the contents in your website. You need to maintain proper chronological sequence of the contents in your website.

Relevant content

Most of the websites publish irrelevant content to generate leads for their websites. This strategy has become old and people do not trust those websites anymore. Potential customers come to you when they see authenticity in your contents.

Effective marketing techniques

Persuasive marketing methods can convert the leads in to potential customers. There are various methods that you can employ to effectively achieve that.

Social presence

Social proof is pretty instrumental in increasing the conversion rates. You can do so by adding testimonials in to your website. Data are considered as of high value. You need to gather statistics and represent these in your website so as to attract the customers to improve your conversion rate.

Legit contact information

Winning the confidence of your potential customers is an important aspect of internet marketing. When you give clear contact info in your website, prospects consider it as authentic. They try to flock in and increase your conversion rate.

All the products should come with guarantees

When you offer guarantees on your products, these are considered as your credibility. People start to trust your brand and your conversion rate goes high. Most of the websites offer guarantees up to one year for maximum products.

Catchy headlines

Giving catchy headlines in your website can be considered as both a search engine optimization and marketing strategy. You got to stick to the strategy to woo your prospects in the first place. Eye catching headlines attract the prospects towards your websites and in turn you get a boost in the conversion rate.

Page layout of your website

Page layout of your website can put an impact on the conversion rate in great way. The layout of your website matters all the way starting from home page to customer service.

Home page and other relevant pages

The home page of your website needs to be properly organized with all the sections in the page. A potential customer should easily be able to navigate from one page to another without having any difficulties. You can take customer feedback in to account for improving the home page layout for providing better navigation experience to your customer. This can effectively increase the conversion rates of your website.

Registration, cart and check out

You website should flow properly from registration to checkout without involving hassle for your customers. Most of the websites don’t have proper navigation for checkout and cart. You need to improve the page navigation for the easy access of your website.

Call for action

Call for action is very essential to boost up the conversion rates of your website. Below each product, you need to put different call for action tags. A simple line of text motivates the prospects to go for a test ride. At times they end up buying the products.

Constant monitoring and improving of websites

There different tools available online to constantly monitor the activities of your prospects. When you measure the statistics, you tend to take measures to improve those numbers. Small numbers can add up to give you a large value. Constant efforts are necessary to improve your conversion rate to a great extent.